Living amusements

I feel like I am in the middle of a tolken-esque landscape. It is absolutely luscious, probably due to the fact that it is the rainiest place on earth, with extremely rare and beautiful flora. The ground is overgrown with shrubs and trees and flowers, vines hang of every possible structure. I keep exprecting to stumble over a hobbit especially when we finally reach what I have been waiting to see ever since I watched BBC’s Human Planet series on rivers:

Living root tree bridges.

So. Friggen. cool.

I would explain more but it is best if seen.

Whats important is that they are these amazingly sturdy bridges, entirely built from the vine of this sort of fig tree. They not only look like something out of some crazy Avatar landscape, they are impressively sturdy and solid. We saw the oldest one (300 years), the longest one( 95meters) and a double-decker one. So.

The landscape around Cherunpunjee is itself startling. It is nestled right at the edge of the Himalayas where they break off dramatically into the plains of Bangladesh. Thunderstorms here are perhaps the most amazing ones that one can ever see. The place we are staying, run by this old Tamil journalist is this eco-adventure lodge right on the very,very crevice of one of these cliffs with spectacular views.

Just when I start to think I have gotten used to India we get the evening entertainment. The lodge owner has hired local kids to come and show their talent for the benefit of the tourists. They are not bad, musically. By that I mean they can hold a tune and strum a guitar and harmonize quie well. What gets to me is the dancing. I really try hard to contextualize my situation, to not see the dancing through my blurred cultural lense but when one of the boys, dressed in pink sparkely pants with a tight black muscle shirt and black studded sweat bands starts his choreographed break-dancing/bollywood/tap dancing routine it is almost too much to bear. When he adds the cowboy hat I turn to my dad, trying desperately to supress my laughter and hide the tears dreaming down my face. Living bridges and sparkly, bollywood-esque,tap-dancing cowboys. Only in India.

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