The journey

So I really wanted to sit down and write a blog post, I really did! But life got in the way and I never was able to condense my thoughts about why it is I have decided to bike down to Santa Cruz. Perhaps it is better this way, I mean part of the reason is some good ol’ soul searching and I find that is is better done without prior expectations.

When I have more time and am not stealing the painfully slow internet off of Tillamook, Oregon county library I will write more but for now what is important is that I will be gone for the next 3 weeks.

Things I am excited for in random order

1. Sea-lions

2. Lots of rugged, beautiful coastline

3. Meeting cool people

4. Seeing Santa Cruz

5. Having an excuse to eat lots of chocolate

Things I am not so excited for include

1. Bears

2. Rain

3. Hills

I will try to keep a day to day travel log. Emphasis on try.


One thought on “The journey

  1. !!! I love this! This is transporting me back in time-memories of internet syphoning, of wet clothes and drenched panniers, of head winds along coast lines. And memories of Elk, cool people, hospitality, mind’s motion meeting legs’ momentum. MMMMMMmmmmmmbikingmmmmm.

    Don’t be scared of the Hills. you might find that you actually like them…sometimes going up is more fun than going down on a narrow road with shitty brakes and trucks whizzing by. I find I have more control over my fate when I go up than when I come down. When you go up, you can always choose to stop, take a break or simply slow it down or even just walk. Many life lessons from biking…

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