Day 4. The most amazing thing has happened…..

…….I started liking hills.

After the worst morning ever which included a sleepless night fending off raccoons, having to get my brakes readjusted and cranking hungry and tired wit overcast skies I reached my first hill of the day, just after Yachtats, Oregon. I started up the hill, my spirits low and my energy even lower and almost immediately decided to just pull over onto the side of the road overlooking a cliff and give myself a break. I felt like I was ready to give up. But the mind and body and spirit are really interconnected in ways that I have never fully realized. Almost as soon as I stopped the sun started peaking through the clouds. I became aware of the sound of the seals on he rocks below me, frolicking in the water. I replenished my energy with a well earned snickers bar and sandwich and allowed myself time to breathe. No one was forcing me over the hill, I had no real time limit, I wanted to enjoy it so I looked for the silver lining.

The road curved around the cliff through a beautiful forest with amazing vistas and a ton of viewpoints to stop at. The view from the top was going to be mind blowing and the grade was gradual enough that I could crank up it calmly while still enjoying the view.

So I did just that. And a funny thing happened. As I rounded the first corner, hearing the waves crash on the rocks below with the sun on my back and the yellow lupine flowers providing a wonderful scent, I was overcome with such a surge of joy that I found myself actually LIKING riding up a hill, I was ENJOYING every last minute of it.


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