Day 7. And then there were four.

Oregon Coast
It is crazy to think that Oregon section of my tour is almost over. It seems to have flown by and to be fair, I have exceeded my own meager expectations. I have been aided, greatly, by the fortuituous meeting of three strapping young chaps who have kept me motivated, cracked jokes at my bear phobia, and bought me beer. Initially I almost felt bad not riding completely solo on this trip. This is, after all, supposed to be about me,right? About finding myself? Well part of the conclusion I have come to is that  I am a social person- I like meeting new people and hearing new stories and telling new jokes; I also figure that for all I know the rest of my trip (excluding my family visits) may well be alone. More than anything I like the laughter and lightness of such meetings. While short (everyone seems to crash at 10 at night), it is nice to sit around a fire at night, sharing stories and sights and experiences of the day, telling jokes and pondering about what the morning will bring. It is nice, even if just for a small while, to think only as far as tomorrow, my basic needs and nothing else.

View of Oregon CoastThe scenery in oregon has been way more versatile and beautiful than imagined. It has ranged from beautiful long sandy beaches to miles of sand dunes, rocky coasts, quaint fishing towns and lots and lots of light houses. For the last two days of this trip it has been made made even better by the occasional sighting of a group or pair of migrating whales!!!! Contrary to what I and many others believed I have had unbelievably good weather with the sun coming through every morning to burn of that heavy and mysterious fog and grant me days of peaceful rides down the ocean, with plenty of fresh air and sunshine and no rain. I feel strong and healthy, despite my slight lack of sleep and sore knees, and am encouraged and excited for the California portion of my trip.

Life is good.

Giant Sand Dune in Oregon


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