Day 14. The highway of death

On the highway of deathThere are some days that you think are gonna be good. They start out fine- delicious breakfast, restful sleep, sunny morning. And then they just end up sucking.

After a few rest days, first in arcata and then in covelo on Amy’s farm, I got back on my bike and rode from Willis down to the coast, about 40 miles. Now the maps I have been using are just for the coast and they show elevation, rest stops water stops etc. for this trip, because I had gone away from the suggested route, I had to rely on elevation maps from the Internet and people’s perception of the road.
Problem is, motorists have a very different perception of both what a road is like and what a hill s like. I found that out the hard way. When a motorist says ” mainly downhill and flat” it actually means ” a ton of never ending gradual hills that seem flat in a car but really kick your ass on a bike”. I came to this conclusion before I almost broke into tears at the foot of yet another what seemed like 600 foot miles long gradual uphill climbing hill.

I think I was also very emotionally drained from the crazy drivers who flew by me with only inches to spare and the treacherous red sand some idiot had spread on the shoulder which almost made me fall onto the road and hurricane-like crosswinds which battered more at my mental state than my body. But I survived, yay! And then I treated myself to 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream when I finally got to the coast so double yay! And when I woke up this morning to sunshine and coffee and gorgeous highlands and looked for my tattered and scared psyche I found that it was whole and happy and ready to go.


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