A New Year and New Beginnings

It is hard not to feel a sense of awe when you get to the sun pyramid at Teotihuacan. You drive from the modern day pyramids of Mexico city, glittery gold and silver and glass masses, down the valley and across a flat plain, weaving your way through slums and cacti and desert shrub untilContinue reading “A New Year and New Beginnings”

How to get to my house

One of the things I am starting to love about living in a small town is how everybody knows each other. I used to be generally baffled when I would tell people I came from Canada and people here, completely earnestly, would turn around and say: “I have a friend from Canada, Katherine Martynsky, doContinue reading “How to get to my house”

The rodeo and an eruption of sorts

I saw a rodeo once when I was in Cuba. It was perhaps one of my favourite memories of the entire trip. I had been in Cuba for a 4-week field trip to study their agricultural system and our teacher had surprised us with the rodeo as a sort of going-away party. We were inContinue reading “The rodeo and an eruption of sorts”

The ride to El Astillero

I have mixed feeling about the internet, however I trust it enough to know that if you can’t find anything about a town on any kind of travellers blog or web page or travel guide it usually means one of two things: 1. The difficulty and time and effort of getting there usually isn’t worthContinue reading “The ride to El Astillero”

Bringing in the Big Guns

I think it was when the army came in that I realized the situation had actually gotten quite serious. Walking out of my hotel I saw them, tanks and guns over their backs, in their black leather boots, searching house by house. Thirty years ago they have been looking for a hidden Contra but todayContinue reading “Bringing in the Big Guns”

How not to kill a scorpion

Tonight was not a fun night by any standard. It started off pretty good; I went for a long late afternoon paddle up the side of the lagoon and was finally able to see my first howler monkey and on the way back to my hostel I was graced by not just one, but aContinue reading “How not to kill a scorpion”