Muddy boots, bloody knees and defining moments

The slippery black mud gives way yet again under my feet and I slide backwards, landing ungracefully on my knees, my left hand clinging to alpine shrub, my right hand half submerged in a freezing cold puddle. Alone here at 3,600 meters in the middle of a National Park somewhere in the Colombian Andes IContinue reading “Muddy boots, bloody knees and defining moments”

The sweet smell of Fear and Arepas.

“Please buckle your seatbelts as we may experience some turbulence while we descend”  the pilots voice sounds over the airplane’s intercom. I grip the seat just a little tighter and chance a look out of the window. Everywhere I can see are these marvellous white cloud formations that we seem to be flying right through-a sea of deepContinue reading “The sweet smell of Fear and Arepas.”