The silence of the coffee forest

“They’re all gone,” the women says when I ask her where the men are, clutching her small child to her side and putting a hang gingerly on her swollen belly, “they’re all gone to the hills”. I glance over at the young women who I have trained to administer the surveys and be my culturalContinue reading “The silence of the coffee forest”

Vivir sano, vivir bonito, vivir bien

“Just write it down, ” Don Luis the community leader says, pointing at the survey sheet, “just write down that they sweep every day, change clothes and do dishes”. A barefoot child runs past him into the dwelling. His shirt is crusted with food and his bare feet are caked with dirt. His mother swaysContinue reading “Vivir sano, vivir bonito, vivir bien”

A New Year and New Beginnings

It is hard not to feel a sense of awe when you get to the sun pyramid at Teotihuacan. You drive from the modern day pyramids of Mexico city, glittery gold and silver and glass masses, down the valley and across a flat plain, weaving your way through slums and cacti and desert shrub untilContinue reading “A New Year and New Beginnings”

Day 5. Just another day on the road was really uneventful. The things I remember are the followings 1. Paul Simons album ” Graceland” is probably the best album ever made. Maybe second only to lauryn hills ” miseducation of lauryn hill”. 2. I have developed a voracious hunger while cycling and can consume about as much in one meal as IContinue reading “Day 5. Just another day on the road”