River people

The history of the Amazon Basin is fascinating. It has been the source of great inspiration and more often, great despair for the conquistadores from the moment they attempted to discover the Amazon rainforest and the thousands of tributaries that make up the most … Continue reading


“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit”

 I have enjoyed the overwhelming material richness of this world and the privilege of living a relatively safe, secure and healthy life. With the increasing realization that this is both at the expense of the health, safety and well-being of others and that this doesn’t necessarily have to be, I am embarking on this journey to find out how I can reimagine my place and my role in this world.

Over the next year I will be working with Cuso International to help build capacity for INPRHU-Institute for Human Promotion in Nicaragua. I will be living in Somoto, a small town in the North or Nicaragua and will be working on a rural development project with a focus on agribusiness development.

I am well aware that it is possible that my knowledge may be of little worth there, or that the fact I am not fluent in the language and culture may make it impossible for me to transfer whatever knowledge I have but I am eager to try and eager to learn and more than eager to share it all with you.

Will I become cynical and disillusioned with the world of NGO’s and international development? Will I survive living in a predominately catholic, conservative town? Will I turn into a raging Marxist?  And perhaps most importantly: what will I eat?! (Three possible answers 1. beans 2. rice 3. beans and rice! )

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A Brief Introduction

I have always wanted a reason to write a blog, I find the idea of synthesizing information in a tangible and creative way good from the get go and a blog is oddly refreshing way to do it in my view.

So here is my second attempt at a blog. It is in part a requirement for a directed studies, in part a way for me to keep in touch with family and friends and in part a way for me to go through the motions of adaptive learning: not what I learn but why and how I learn what I learn.

I mean in the end, that is a lot of what blogging is about. Having read through a number of blogs to find inspiration it is obvious that this is the universal pattern,especially for personal blogs.

There is always an introduction to the setting, a description of the actions performed and a conclusion of what has been learned, felt, or realized in ones self. Kinda like a university essay. Actually, exactly like one. So there is an inherent logic to writing this way. Perhaps in the end this blog will turn out that way. Consider this the introduction to the introduction.

For all those who have stumbled unknowingly upon this blog or have failed to understand what it is I am doing, here is a summary.

For the final credits of my Bachelors I have decided to take the advice of my wonderful advisor and go abroad. Although technically my area of interest is Latin America I have found my way to India to the Centre for Indian Knowledge systems in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Here I will be interning for 3 months, living in a women’s hostel in a shared room that serves 3 basic meals a day with a 9.30pm curfew. I will be working partially in Chennai and partially in the field sites around Tamil Nadu, looking at rainfed agriculture, the different nutritional and therapeutic values of rice varieties, the validity of traditional agricultural knowledge in farming and much more to do with similar themes.

However, this blog will not be focused on those (although inevitably the will be mentioned). Instead, this blog will focus on more personal themes: the cultural experience of living in India, farming and agriculture in Tamil Nadu, the paradox of sustainability in India and reflections in general on…well…everything really.

stay tuned for more to come.