Day 8. Welcome to California, where everything is bigger

It is true! As soon as I stepped foot (pedal?) into california everything seemed to GROW. The cars, the towns, the people and the hills! Today was a loooooong day.  60 miles and two 1000ft + hills later left me sweating every ounce of liquid in my body at the top of a mountain inContinue reading “Day 8. Welcome to California, where everything is bigger”

Day 7. And then there were four.

It is crazy to think that Oregon section of my tour is almost over. It seems to have flown by and to be fair, I have exceeded my own meager expectations. I have been aided, greatly, by the fortuituous meeting of three strapping young chaps who have kept me motivated, cracked jokes at my bearContinue reading “Day 7. And then there were four.”

Day 6. Seven devils, anyone?

This morning I had seven devils for breakfast. What is that, you ask. A type of beer? No, but that would have been an excellent idea. Seven eggs done easy over with a side of bacon drowned in Siracha sauce? No, but that also sounds like a great idea. The seven devils are a groupContinue reading “Day 6. Seven devils, anyone?”

Day 4. The most amazing thing has happened…..

…….I started liking hills. After the worst morning ever which included a sleepless night fending off raccoons, having to get my brakes readjusted and cranking hungry and tired wit overcast skies I reached my first hill of the day, just after Yachtats, Oregon. I started up the hill, my spirits low and my energy evenContinue reading “Day 4. The most amazing thing has happened…..”

Day 3. And then there were 2

Three days in and I have already met some very cool and inspirational people. One of them happens to be curious about what it feels like to ride a loaded bike over a 1000 foot hill. My new cyclist friend, Dan, and I have been sitting in the campsite pondering our first huge hill thatContinue reading “Day 3. And then there were 2”

Day 2. Why are small town Americans all so weird?

Trying to fit in with the small-town weirdos Riding a bike is a seriously different experience than driving in a car, especially when it comes to small towns. In a car you blink and you have passed through small towns. Especially the really small ones, you barely ever stop unless it is to use theContinue reading “Day 2. Why are small town Americans all so weird?”

Day 1. Hot and bothered from seaside to nehalem

It was hot. And really beautiful. Mainly hot. I think I got sunstroke. Wait, why am i doing this again? Met a nice older guy from Vancouver who bought me lunch. Score! Life is good. I hope it doesn’t rain cause even without rain my tent was moist with all the dew this morning. TheContinue reading “Day 1. Hot and bothered from seaside to nehalem”