A bitter-sweet symphony in Pearl Lagoon

The boat sputters and heaves against the waves. I see the front lift up and then smack down on the surface of the ocean sending a wave of bathtub-warm wáter to where I am sitting in the back of the boat, drenching me instantly. I taste the salt on my lips and hug my bag closerContinue reading “A bitter-sweet symphony in Pearl Lagoon”

Semana Santa in Bluefields

“How much longer?” my dad asks next to me, his voice sounding slightly pained. I look over at him, wondering if he is talking in his sleep or just resting his eyes. He is jammed up against the window of the bus, trying, I suppose, to get some relief from the overwhelming humid heat insideContinue reading “Semana Santa in Bluefields”

The Linguistics of a Coconut

I love coconuts. Love them. Up until I came to India I had no idea what a coconut was. Coconuts came shredded in plastic packages or in tetra packs in the form of coconut milk or occasionally in shrivelled brown flaky unappealing balls sold for a ridiculous amount at Safeway. Here they are huge green globulars that are fresh and sweet and juicy andContinue reading “The Linguistics of a Coconut”