Comfort Food

Food is a touchy subject anywhere, far from being merely a source of energy and nutrients, it is intricately linked to identity, emotions, feelings of well-being. Every country has its staple food; in India it is rice and dahl, in Germany it is bread and cheese, and here it is Gallo Pinto: essentially rice andContinue reading “Comfort Food”

Life and death in the Barrios

I hear the Taxi’s horn behind me and stick out my arm to wave it down. It pulls up behind me; an old Toyota, one of the many that comprise the fleet of well-used, beat-up cars that serve as collective Taxis. I stick my head through the passenger side window. “INPRHU?” I ask questioningly. TheContinue reading “Life and death in the Barrios”

Militant expansion in rural India

The ticking time bomb seems to get heavier by the minute while I fearfully await its imminent explosion. Heavy footsteps come closer and closer. I start to sweat profusely, hoping that they will pass, somehow ignoring my presence. Then they tower over me with their smiling faces and their enormous steaming bowls of rice: “moreContinue reading “Militant expansion in rural India”

Absurd receptions and Camus

I went to an Indian Wedding reception yesterday. I had totally forgotten that we were supposed to be going and so I of course had failed to bring an extra outfit with me. Indians are very particular in that point. For every occasion they wear a fresh, clean outfit. Every morning on my way toContinue reading “Absurd receptions and Camus”