Living amusements

I feel like I am in the middle of a tolken-esque landscape. It is absolutely luscious, probably due to the fact that it is the rainiest place on earth, with extremely rare and beautiful flora. The ground is overgrown with shrubs and trees and flowers, vines hang of every possible structure. I keep exprecting toContinue reading “Living amusements”

Standing back looking forward

Last week was a turbulent week by my standards. I said goodbye to old friends, made new friends and discovered again why it is that I love this place. “I am leaving for Mumbai tomorrow” Arne yells at me through the phone-I hear the rush of cars and cows and people in the background andContinue reading “Standing back looking forward”

The Linguistics of a Coconut

I love coconuts. Love them. Up until I came to India I had no idea what a coconut was. Coconuts came shredded in plastic packages or in tetra packs in the form of coconut milk or occasionally in shrivelled brown flaky unappealing balls sold for a ridiculous amount at Safeway. Here they are huge green globulars that are fresh and sweet and juicy andContinue reading “The Linguistics of a Coconut”

Sinking my Teeth into South India Part 3

Dinner “Sarah Lakshmi” the driver asks me in Broken English “What you want? You want Dosa Onion-Dosa Masala Dosa Paper Dosa Butter Dosa Uppadam Tomatoe Uppadam Onion Uppadam Masala Uppadam Idli Puri Vada…” he rattles off the entire South Indian Dinner Menu, seemingly an impressive feat but really not. South Indian Dinner is essentially the sameContinue reading “Sinking my Teeth into South India Part 3”

Sinking my Teeth into South India Part 2

Lunch Feeling a bit like Indiana Jones I hurry down the busy, windy, unorganized street, dodging cars and scooters, jumping over dogs and cow patties one eye on the road and the other on the restaurant I am headed towards. The street is as usual chaos for the eyes, the ears and the nose. MyContinue reading “Sinking my Teeth into South India Part 2”

Sinking my Teeth into South India Part 1

Inevitably I am going to have to write a blog about food and to be honest; I have been postponing it for way too long. Not at all because I don’t like he food here, quite the contrary because I can’t figure out how to write it and how to account for all of theContinue reading “Sinking my Teeth into South India Part 1”

The Gaze of the Indian

I would say I live a pretty typical  23 year old single Indian women’s life here in Chennai. I go to work, do some grocery shopping on the way home,  watch tamil movies in my little living room while drinking copius amounts of tea and listning to my roomates complain about their work and families,Continue reading “The Gaze of the Indian”