Be gentle on my curves

“Do you want some tea?” My dad asks. We are sitting in the large kitchen of one of the nunneries, the young novice looking with controlled curiosity at her unlikely guests. My dad is giving me that slight michevious there-is-something-more-to-this-question look and at my prodding mentions, “it’s Tibetan tea”. I still don’t actually know what it meansContinue reading “Be gentle on my curves”

The heart of an Indian

Mahatma Gandhi once said “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”. Its good that it doesn’t reside in the level of poverty,the hygiene standards of street food or the pockets of its politicians otherwise India would be screwed.As it stands, The heart and souls of most of theContinue reading “The heart of an Indian”

Standing back looking forward

Last week was a turbulent week by my standards. I said goodbye to old friends, made new friends and discovered again why it is that I love this place. “I am leaving for Mumbai tomorrow” Arne yells at me through the phone-I hear the rush of cars and cows and people in the background andContinue reading “Standing back looking forward”

Sinking my Teeth into South India Part 3

Dinner “Sarah Lakshmi” the driver asks me in Broken English “What you want? You want Dosa Onion-Dosa Masala Dosa Paper Dosa Butter Dosa Uppadam Tomatoe Uppadam Onion Uppadam Masala Uppadam Idli Puri Vada…” he rattles off the entire South Indian Dinner Menu, seemingly an impressive feat but really not. South Indian Dinner is essentially the sameContinue reading “Sinking my Teeth into South India Part 3”

The Gaze of the Indian

I would say I live a pretty typical  23 year old single Indian women’s life here in Chennai. I go to work, do some grocery shopping on the way home,  watch tamil movies in my little living room while drinking copius amounts of tea and listning to my roomates complain about their work and families,Continue reading “The Gaze of the Indian”

Absurd receptions and Camus

I went to an Indian Wedding reception yesterday. I had totally forgotten that we were supposed to be going and so I of course had failed to bring an extra outfit with me. Indians are very particular in that point. For every occasion they wear a fresh, clean outfit. Every morning on my way toContinue reading “Absurd receptions and Camus”