An Amazonian chapter

Pucallpa is a pretty charmless city, as far as Peruvian cities go. Unlike Cusco with its cobbled streets and Andean charm, or Iquitos with its crumbling architecture and lush green surroundings, Pucallpa seems dusty and plain. It is city in the midst of being created, with wooden houses on stilts next to shiny new shoppingContinue reading “An Amazonian chapter”

Semana Santa in Bluefields

“How much longer?” my dad asks next to me, his voice sounding slightly pained. I look over at him, wondering if he is talking in his sleep or just resting his eyes. He is jammed up against the window of the bus, trying, I suppose, to get some relief from the overwhelming humid heat insideContinue reading “Semana Santa in Bluefields”

(Volley) Balls and Machistas

“Ay preciosa, hermosa, guapa, princesa, barbie….”. I stop in my path and glance over with cocked eyebrows at the man squatting on the corner. “Barbie? That one is new”. He shrugs at my comment, and now that he feels he has my attention he continues with his assault. “You are the most beautiful women IContinue reading “(Volley) Balls and Machistas”

My short walk home

This post is an excerpt from a writing course I am currently completing, hence the slightly different style. Comments or critique are welcome! The view laid out in front of me is wide and open. It funnels my perspective down to the valley and the centre of the small departmental capital of Somoto. The sunContinue reading “My short walk home”

How to get to my house

One of the things I am starting to love about living in a small town is how everybody knows each other. I used to be generally baffled when I would tell people I came from Canada and people here, completely earnestly, would turn around and say: “I have a friend from Canada, Katherine Martynsky, doContinue reading “How to get to my house”

Bringing in the Big Guns

I think it was when the army came in that I realized the situation had actually gotten quite serious. Walking out of my hotel I saw them, tanks and guns over their backs, in their black leather boots, searching house by house. Thirty years ago they have been looking for a hidden Contra but todayContinue reading “Bringing in the Big Guns”

The sweet smell of Fear and Arepas.

“Please buckle your seatbelts as we may experience some turbulence while we descend”  the pilots voice sounds over the airplane’s intercom. I grip the seat just a little tighter and chance a look out of the window. Everywhere I can see are these marvellous white cloud formations that we seem to be flying right through-a sea of deepContinue reading “The sweet smell of Fear and Arepas.”

Standing back looking forward

Last week was a turbulent week by my standards. I said goodbye to old friends, made new friends and discovered again why it is that I love this place. “I am leaving for Mumbai tomorrow” Arne yells at me through the phone-I hear the rush of cars and cows and people in the background andContinue reading “Standing back looking forward”