A bitter-sweet symphony in Pearl Lagoon

The boat sputters and heaves against the waves. I see the front lift up and then smack down on the surface of the ocean sending a wave of bathtub-warm wáter to where I am sitting in the back of the boat, drenching me instantly. I taste the salt on my lips and hug my bag closerContinue reading “A bitter-sweet symphony in Pearl Lagoon”

The unbearable strangeness of culture

Cultural filters are important for being able to function in a society. You have to be able to filter out the unimportant from the important and focus on that which society deems relevant. Without said cultural filters, every time I see a man here on the street with a second-hand American shirt that says “KissContinue reading “The unbearable strangeness of culture”

Lashed by the Wind to the Point of Losing one’s Sanity

A young women stands in front of me, jumping ecstatically in the air, her simple orange garment folded loosely down to her shins, her anklets filling the room with the sound of a thousand tiny bells as she thumps the ground. She emits an eerie, passionate cry (“Oh Krshna, my beloved, why do you leaveContinue reading “Lashed by the Wind to the Point of Losing one’s Sanity”