How to kill a chicken Part 2: kill it

  It all happened so fast. In my mind I had it planned out precisely: I would choose the chicken, pay homage to the gods and ask to take it’s life,maybe make an offering, build a fire and dance around it, celebrating the circle of life and all that good stuff.Farmers here aren’t sentimental, well,Continue reading “How to kill a chicken Part 2: kill it”

My short walk home

This post is an excerpt from a writing course I am currently completing, hence the slightly different style. Comments or critique are welcome! The view laid out in front of me is wide and open. It funnels my perspective down to the valley and the centre of the small departmental capital of Somoto. The sunContinue reading “My short walk home”

The relativity of comfort

It is the sound of the city awakening that slowly carries me out of my slumber. The brumming of the rickshaws, the mooing of cows, the laughter of street children. I make myself a delicious, milky, south Indian coffee and sit on the terrace, surrounded by the natural green vegetation, watching monkeys scampering up theContinue reading “The relativity of comfort”