Sinking my Teeth into South India Part 2

Lunch Feeling a bit like Indiana Jones I hurry down the busy, windy, unorganized street, dodging cars and scooters, jumping over dogs and cow patties one eye on the road and the other on the restaurant I am headed towards. The street is as usual chaos for the eyes, the ears and the nose. MyContinue reading “Sinking my Teeth into South India Part 2”

Original Chennai tranquility

It is 6.30pm on a Friday evening on the outskirts of Chennai. That means it is rush hour, which is a bit ironic in any language but especially here because it is anything BUT a rush. The streets are so full of absolutely anything that can move: buses, auto-rickshaws, and scooters but also bullock-wagons, hand-pushedContinue reading “Original Chennai tranquility”